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The following are a few testimonials from our valued clients.
We have many, many more and would be proud to provide them upon request.

While I was in the process of building a new home in Clinton Ct. I was referred to Joe Wren by many local real estate professionals. In our first meeting I could tell that Joe had a thorough understanding of the challenges of building on a non-conforming residential lot with the issues of the tidal marsh wetlands, a designated flood zone, and set back requirements. Joe successfully managed the project through all the local application and approvals process. The success of this project is directly related to Joe Wren’s Engineering Expertise and his commitment to his client.

Tim Willard
Clinton, CT

Joe and his team went above and beyond for us. Joe is extraordinarily meticulous, diligent, and responsive. Their work product was truly outstanding and impressive and of a caliber beyond what I was expecting. In our package to the Zoning Commission, he presented our facts and circumstances more articulately and concisely than we could have presented ourselves. We are forever grateful for finding Joe and his team. Thank you and we hope to work with Joe again soon on another project.

Carolyn Allwin

I had the opportunity to meet Joe while assembling information for an upcoming project proposal at a local non-profit organization. Following a brief phone call, he agreed to meet with me in town, and we discussed the proposal – Joe has been very helpful with explaining various design options and very quickly provided valuable information to help us better understand the options. His helpful approach to working with clients, flexibility and responsiveness have been very much appreciated.

Alan Poirier
Board of Trustees – Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library ~ Old Lyme

Please accept this letter in supprt of Mr. Joe Wren, Principal of Indigo Land Designs LLC. Over the past 7+ years the City of Middletown has enjoyed a beneficial working relationship with him. Currently, Mr. Wren is working with the City to design and permit a public access boat launch facility - the first of its kind in Middletown. Mr. Wren has been very responsive to our needs; producing quality materials in a timely fashion, researching methods and materials to further our project and responding to questions whenever we have them. On numerous occassions Mr. Wren has appeared before our Planning and Zoning Commission and our Inland Wetlands Agency. He represents his clients in a professional manner and skillfully and thouthfully explains technical principals to the commission members.Speaking on behalf of the City of Middletown's Planning Department I am pleased to say that Mr. Wren is an affable, responsibe and experienced engineer. We look forward to working with Joe Wren and Indigo Designs on future City projects.

Matthew G. Dodge
Environmental Planner - Dept. of Planning, Conservation and Development City of Middletown

"Joe (Wren) was a key contributor to the overall success of this project for two major reasons: capability and commitment. Throughout the duration of the project Joe (Wren) demonstrated the ability to maneuver through issues related to both the design and construction process.""In addition to coordinating the technical details and working with local officials, Joe (Wren) also consistently demonstrated the ability to complete work in a timely, efficient manner and meet or exceed all goals and expectations. Joe was available at all hours and was willing to get on a phone call or come out to the site to step us through any issues in order to ensure progress was made and both the Client and the town officials very happy. Joe made the process look easy and he worked hard to maintain a high level of Client service and responsiveness before, during and after design and construction.""I can confidently recommend Joe Wren and the services of his company (Indigo) to you and your team on any project. Throughout this entire venture we worked with dozens of subcontractors and Indigo Land Design distinguished themselves as top-notch. The level of dedication and the quality of service is second to none."

Patrick J. Murphy
VP & General Manager - Gems Sensors, Inc.

"A true testimonial to the seamless work that he does on a client's behalf.""Our experience with Joe (Wren) and his company was top-notch and I give this reference without reservation and encourage you to use Joe Wren and Indigo Land Design, LLC in your project"

Daniel E. Neal
Administrator - Orthopedic Associates of Middletown

"I can always count on Joe (Wren) to respond to my questions promptly, perform comprehensive research and provide innovative and thoughtful solutions. He truly absorbs the intent of the project, the owner's goals, state and town parameters and works collaboratively with the design team and local officials to creatively produce timely results."Joe (Wren) is communicative and timely during the design process"........"and is full versed in present codes and land use laws. He thoroughly reviews with governing authorities, is well prepared for town deadlines, presents professionally and intelligently at town meetings and follows through with the project from concept through construction.""Our experience with Joe (Wren) on recent projects has been extremely positive. We have incorporated his innovative design solutions into successful projects for our clients. His attention to detail, communication abilities and old-fashioned client service is what sets his company apart from other firms. We proudly recommend Indigo Land Design to others seeking civil engineering design and consulting for any project large or small."

Tanya Cutolo
AIA, Director, Design & Business Development - O,R&L; Construction

"His (Joe Wren's) accessibility and communication and ability to maneuver through issues during design and construction are extraordinary.""I believe, and it has been my personal experience, that Joe (Wren) has the unique ability to provide this service to you in a timely and cost-efficient manner and would be a perfect fit for your project."

Chuck Owen
President - Healthcare Venture Professionals, LLC

“From the time we first met, I felt comfortable that you were a regular guy and a professional, which confirmed what I had heard. That feeling was reinforced numerous times as you guided the project through the lengthy and complex approval process. Many people advised me that I should have an attorney make the presentations to the various commissions and boards; I believed your low-keyed and non-threatening persona would work better. We all know the results. You have a strong reputation and I’m sure you get many referrals, but if I can ever be of help endorsing your work or sharing the DOCK’s positive process and results, don’t hesitate to ask. (The same people who recommended the use of an attorney also can’t believe the swift and efficient path we experienced to approvals).”

Jon Kodama
Dock-n-Dine Restaurant

"I have enjoyed working with Joe (Wren) and find that his work is accurate, detailed, thorough and well-prepared.""Based upon my experience, I would recommend Joe (Wren) for any project"

Edward M. Cassella